February 2021 United Kingdom general election

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Next United Kingdom general election

← August 2020 On or before 7 February 2020

All 100 seats in the House of Commons
51 seats needed for a majority
Opinion polls
  First party Second party Third party
  Yukub Friedmanite19 lily-irl
Leader Yukub Friedmanite19 Lily
Party Conservative Libertarian Labour
Leader since 21 April 2020 12 November 2016 15 August 2020
Leader's seat Dorset Somerset and Bristol East of England
Last election 31 seats, 29.73% 23 seats, 21.06% 21 seats, 20.70%

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
Leader CountBrandenburg Collective leadership Gregor_The_Beggar
Party Liberal Democrats The People's Movement Democratic Reformist
Leader since 21 June 2020 N/A 21 June 2020
Leader's seat Yorkshire and the Humber n/a London List
Last election 16 seats, 15.36% 3 seats, 5.37% 3 seats, 3.31%

  Seventh party Eighth party
  Model-Eddy Gregor_The_Beggar
Leader Model-Eddy SoSaturnistic
Party Progressive SDLP
Leader since N/A ???
Leader's seat n/a none[n 1]
Last election 2 seats, 2.61% 1 seat, 0.68%

Prime Minister before election


Prime Minister after election



  1. SoSaturnistic sits in the Northern Ireland Assembly. Abrokenhero leads the SDLP delegation to Westminster and is their only MP.
  2. The SDLP only contest elections in Northern Ireland.