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House of Commons
of the United Kingdom
of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
14th Parliament
Coat of arms or logo
since 1 September 2019
since 27 June 2020
Yukub, Conservative
since 21 April 2020
Markthemonkey888, Libertarian
since 17 June 2020
lily-irl, Labour
since 16 June 2020
redwolf177, Labour
since 24 April 2020
Term 14 Commons.png
Political groups
HM Government (54)
     Conservative Party (31)
     Libertarian Party UK (23)
HM Most Loyal Opposition (24)
     Labour Party (21)
     Democratic Reformist Front (3)
Other opposition (22)
     Liberal Democrats (16)
     The People's Movement (3)
     Progressive Party UK (2)
     Social Democratic and Labour Party (1)
Presiding officer
     Speaker (1)
Length of term
Up to 6 months
Mixed-member proportional representation
Last election
7 August 2020
Next election
On or before 7 February 2021
RedistrictingRecommendations by the boundary comissions; confirmation by Parliament.
Meeting place
House of Commons Chamber 1.png
House of Commons chamber
Palace of Westminster
City of Westminster
London, England
United Kingdom
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