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The Right Honourable


Official portrait of Christian Matheson crop 2.jpg
Eddy in 2020
First Minister of Northern Ireland
Assumed office
January 2022
Co-leader of Irish Labour
Assumed office
January 2022
Member of Parliament
for Northern Ireland
Assumed office
February 2022
Member of the Northern Ireland Assembly
for South Belfast
Assumed office
Member of the Scottish Parliament
for Edinburgh
Assumed office
June 2020
In office
10 March 2020 – 29 April 2020
Personal details
Political partyLabour and Co-operative
Formerly:Progressive Party UK/PWP (29 April 2020 - January 2022)

Model-Eddy is a British Labour Politician who has served as First Minister of Northern Ireland and Co-leader of Irish Labour since January 2022. He was formerly Leader of the PPUK since August 2020 and Leader of its successor the PWP since January 2021 until its merge into Labour.

Political Career

Prior to the foundation of the Progressive Party UK, the Baron of Chesterton began his career as a Scottish Labour MSP for Edinburgh and Scottish Shadow Education Secretary, as well as a member of the national Labour Party Shadow Cabinet firstly as Shadow Northern Powerhouse Minister and later the Shadow Democratic Reform Secretary. He joined the PUP in late April 2020 and became it's Scottish leader and an MSP for Edinburgh in the June 2020 election.

After the ascent of the Scottish Progressives to government after the December 2020 election, Model-Eddy was appointed to be Education Secretary and later Deputy First Minister of Scotland. Model-Eddy also briefly served as a Member of the Senedd for South Wales East after being elected in the December 2020 Senedd election. He was later appointed Cabinet Minister for Communities and Local Government.

In January 2021 following the PPUK-SATUP merge to form the Progressive Workers Party, Eddy became interim Co-leader of the national party and was succeeded by JJRoamer in both Welsh positions following JJ's ascent to co-leader of the Welsh Workers Party in late January 2021.

In the February 2021 United Kingdom general election he stood in the North Hampshire Constituency, coming 2nd with 30%. He was elected a regional list Member of Parliament for South East England and stood down as a peer. In late February following the resignation of Skully as Scottish FM, Model-Eddy served as acting First Minister of Scotland for a week, and again as acting First Minister from 24 May - 22 June following the resignation of Vit as FM.

After the August 2021 general election which returned 11 PWP MPs, Model-Eddy was appointed Home Secretary in the Rose+ coalition government.

Following the merge of PWP into Labour and Kalvin stepping down from politics, Model-Eddy became Co-leader of Labour in Northern Ireland and First Minister of Northern Ireland. He was later elected as a member of parliament for NI following the February 2022 United Kingdom general election.