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Deputy Leader of Solidarity
Assumed office
21 February 2021
Secretary for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
Assumed office
23 February 2021
Deputy First Minister
of Northern Ireland
Assumed office
22 December 2021
Preceded byHumanoidTyphoon22
Personal details
Political partySolidarity, previously: Labour Party

ARichTeaBiscuit is a British politician, serving Foreign Secretary, member of the Solidarity Central Committee and former leader of the Labour Party. Being a prominent figure among the socialist wing of the Labour Party, they led the Labour party as the official opposition until they resigned as leader and changed party to Solidarity.

ARichTeaBiscuit was the Deputy Leader of Scottish Labour and later the entire Labour party before ascending to the position of the overall leader, leading an official opposition. Under the Sunrise government, ARichTeaBiscuit served as the Secretary of Defense. Ascended to the leader of the Labour Party, they led the party through the hardship of the August 2020 United Kingdom general election in which the Labour party returned their fourth best general election result, however, due to personal reasons they shortly announced their intent to from resign their position as Leader of the Labour Party. ARichTeaBiscuit remained in Labour and briefly held the position of Shadow Foreign Secretary, however, left Labour to join several of their former colleagues in Solidarity.

ARichTeaBiscuit assumed a House of Commons seat after the February 2021 United Kingdom general election through the list. Following the resignation of Lady_Aya as Chairperson of the Solidarity Party, ARichTeaBiscuit was elected their successor. ARichTeaBiscuit serves as Secretary for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs in the 28th Government.