Celtic Coalition

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Celtic Coalition
Founded8 June 2021; 53 days ago (2021-06-08)
IdeologyDemocratic Socialism
Social Democracy
Civic Nationalism
Irish Republicanism
Political positionLeft wing
Colours     Blue
House of Commons
0 / 150
House of Lords
0 / 44
Scottish Parliament
0 / 129
Senedd Cymru
0 / 60
Northern Ireland Assembly
0 / 90

Celtic Coalition is a united front of Social Democratic Nationalist Parties in the devolved Nations of Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales. The party has a focus on the devolved nations and believes in creating equitable, independent Nations for all. It supports parliamentary politics, equality, a robust welfare state, protections for workers, and the environment. Their devolved branches include Social Democratic and Labour Party, Llais Cymru, and Forward.