Christian Democrats

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Christian Democrats
Founded29 October 2020
Dissolved12 January 2021
Merged intoConservative Party
IdeologyChristian democracy
Christian left
Social conservatism
Stewardship Theology
Political positionCentre
Colours     Sky blue (unofficial)
House of Commons
0 / 100
House of Lords
0 / 69
Scottish Parliament
0 / 129
Senedd Cymru
0 / 60
Northern Ireland Assembly
0 / 90

The Christian Democrats, also known as the CDems, was a British Christian political party. It was founded in October 2020 by members from a variety of political backgrounds who wanted there to be a party supporting Christian values and Christian democracy. The party was merged into the Conservative Party four months after it's founding with the departure of


House of Commons

The party had no MPs.

House of Lords

The party was represented by 4 members of the House of Lords.

Devolved legislatures

In the December 2020 Senedd election Christian Democrat Member of the House of Lords Greejatus was elected as an MS, although he stood as an independent and sat in the Welsh Parliament under that designation until his leaving of the party in January 2021.