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Deputy LeaderSapphireWork
Founded23 September 2020
Split fromConservative Party
Liberal Democrats
Labour Party
Libertarian Party UK
Liberal conservatism
Social liberalism
Political positionCentre to centre-right
Colours     Teal
House of Commons
10 / 150
House of Lords
3 / 27
Northern Ireland Assembly
3 / 90

Coalition! is a centrist British political party. It was founded in September 2020, notably by four former Conservative Party leaders (four of which, namely Leafy_Emerald, Model-Mili and Yukub, are former Prime Ministers). It was the largest political party in the House of Lords before the February 2021 general election, in which it won House of Commons 10 seats.

Election results

House of Commons

Year Leader % MPs Change Position Government
February 2021 Brookheimer 8.48%
10 / 150
Increase 8.48% Increase 6th N/A