Free Shetland NI Branch

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Free Shetland NI Branch
Founded25 November 2020
Dissolved13 January 2021
IdeologyShetland regionalism
Derry Nationalism
National affiliationFree Shetland (Defunct)

Free Shetland NI Branch was a satirical political party that contests elections in Northern Ireland. It was founded on 25 November 2020, with the expressed intent of achieving independence for Derry, and fostering solidarity between Northern Ireland and Shetland, being led by former IPP leader Imadearedditaccount5, and designating as unionist due to a commitment to unify Northern Ireland with Shetland.[1] The manifesto for the election was more obviously satirical with policies such as introducing a minimum building quota of 1 building a year, creating legal crimes to give citizens "a taste of crime without committing a crime", and nationalising the Republic of Ireland.[2]

Free Shetland NI Branch ran three candidates in the December 2020 Northern Ireland Assembly election.[3] The party was unsuccessful in its bid for election, winning 0.8% across Northern Ireland, with its highest result being 1.8% achieved in County Down. However, the party did outperform Free Shetland's nationwide vote in the concurrent December 2020 Scottish Parliament election, with that party only winning 0.4%, having only run in the one region.[4]

Election results

Northern Ireland Assembly

Year Leader % MLAs Change Position Government
December 2020 Imadearedditaccount5
Candidate for Londonderry
0 / 90
Steady 0 Increase 6th N/A