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Sir Friedmanite19 KCB KCMG KBE MVO PC is a British politician who has served as Chancellor of the Exchequer and Deputy Prime Minister since August 2020 and Leader of the Libertarian Party UK since November 2017.

Blurple 3 was the third cabinet in which he served and marked the second time he held the roles of Chancellor of the Exchequer and Deputy Prime Minister, having first held them under Model-Mili. In his first stint in government, Blurple 1, Friedmanite19 was the Secretary of State for Defence.

Widely considered as a passionate and pioneering statesman, Friedmanite19 is viewed by some as the Father of the modern British libertarian movement. However, he has also courted significant controversy in the past, with his comments and policies coming under criticism from many wings of British politics.