House of Lords

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House of Lords
of the United Kingdom
of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
14th Parliament
Crowned portcullis in Pantone 7427 C
The Marquess of Worcester
since 27 June 2020
The Earl of Shitterton
since 12 July 2020
Lord Greenwich, Labour
since 24 November 2020
The Baron Blackmore Vale, Conservative
since 19 August 2020
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Political groups
     Lord Speaker (1)
HM Government (11)
     Labour Party (6)
     Liberal Democrats (5)
HM Most Loyal Opposition (7)
     Conservative Party (7)[1]
Other opposition (30)
     Coalition! (9)
     Solidarity Party (8)
     Christian Democrats (6)
     Libertarian Party UK (4)
     Progressive Party UK (2)
     New Britain (1)
Crossbench (3)
     Crossbenchers (1)
Length of term
Peerage held for life
SalaryNo annual salary, but tax-free daily allowance and expenses paid.
Meeting place
Wood panelled room with high ceiling containing comfortable red padded benches and large gold throne.
House of Lords Chamber
Palace of Westminster
City of Westminster
London, England
United Kingdom
  1. Includes the two Ulster Unionist Party Peers who sit with and are members of the Conservatives