June 2014 United Kingdom general election

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June 2014 United Kingdom general election

June 2014 March 2015 →
List of MPs elected in the June 2014 United Kingdom general election →

All 30 seats in the House of Commons
15 seats needed for a majority
Opinion polls
TurnoutNo Data
  First party Second party Third party
Leader owenberic OllieSimmonds Dems4vince
Party Labour Conservative Liberal Democrats
Leader since 1 June 2014 1 June 2014 1 June 2014
Leader's seat National Seat (List) National Seat (List) National Seat (List)
Last election New Party New Party New Party
Seats won 11 11 8
Seat change Increase 11 Increase 11 Increase 8
Popular vote N/D N/D N/D
Percentage 36.60% 35.90% 27.50%
Swing Increase 36.60 pp Increase 35.90 pp Increase 27.50 pp

Prime Minister before election

Position Created
Position Created

Prime Minister after election

Labour Party

The June 2014 General Election was the first ever General Election in MHoC. It saw the Labour Party, led by owenberic, gain 11 seats in its first election, narrowly defeating the Conservative Party led by OllieSimonds on the popular vote alone. Labour would then form a majority coalition with the Liberal Democrats to form the first government with the Liberal Democrat leader Dems4vince serving as Deputy Prime Minister along with several other Lib Dem MPs taking cabinet positions.