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Labour Party
Deputy LeaderMuffin5136
Party Chairohprkl
Founded27 February 1900; 122 years ago (1900-02-27)
HeadquartersSouthside, 105 Victoria Street
IdeologyDemocratic Socialism
Social Democracy
Political positionLeft wing
European affiliationParty of European Socialists
International affiliation
Colours     Red
Anthem"The Red Flag"
House of Commons
35 / 150
House of Lords
9 / 71
Scottish Parliament
22 / 129
Senedd Cymru
24 / 60
Northern Ireland Assembly
48 / 90

The Labour Party is a left-wing political party in the United Kingdom that has been described as an alliance of social democrats, democratic socialists and trade unionists.


ARichTeaBiscuit Leadership (January 2020-August 2020)

Following the end of Lily's first tenure as leader she was succeeded by the then Deputy Leader ARichTeaBiscuit who took charge of the party on 28 January 2020 before leading it into the Febuary 2020 General Election where Labour, despite seeing an increase in its vote share would lose a seat and was forced to remain in opposition.

Labour would see a peak in polling under ARichTeaBiscuit, sitting at just under 30% popularity on the 16 April 2020 as they overtook the Conservative Party to take the lead in the national polls[1]. This would not be able to sustain however, and a steady decline set in, only briefly reversed on 1 July 2020 when Labour sat at 26.79% before the slump continued[2].

The decline in fortunes under ARichTeaBiscuit came to a head in the August 2020 General Election where a last-minute slump of the party saw their vote share drop, seats lost, and the party slide into third place in the results behind a Libertarian Party UK that had stormed ahead.

ARichTeaBiscuit resigned only 20 minutes after the final result was announced [3], stepping out of their leadership position and eventually leaving to join the new socialist Solidarity Party.

Second Lily Leadership and return to Government (August 2020-January 2021)

Following the resignation of ARichTeaBiscuit and the breakaway of Solidarity in the aftermath of the General Election, frontbencher and former leader Lily assumed control of the party once more with BNG as the Deputy Leader and Captainographer as the Party Chair. She took charge at a particularly tumultuous time for the party with an ever decreasing standing in polls and deep unpopularity for the new leader.

By October however, the party had begun to recover, seeing a large slump in the first polls since the election before beginning to pick back up at the end of the month with increasing membership activity and a reinvigorated party. New members joined the party's ranks, including many who would rapidly come to partake in future cabinets along with the defection of the well-known LPUK politician Greejatus to the party amongst much press interest.

In mid-October Labour won a by-election for a vacant Wales (List) seat that had come available following the exit of a DRF MP which brought the party's total MPs in the House of Commons to 22. This would be followed a week later with Captainographer resigning as party chair in late October with an internal election following and the election of ohprkl to succeed as Party Chair.

The first notable political success of Lily's leadership, however, came during the 'end of October crisis' where internal leaks of LPUK leadership communications during a Supreme Court ruling brought the then leader Friedmanite19 under fire for a scandal as to his personal views along with his response to several insensitive comments he was seen as having made. In the face of a motion of no confidence submitted on behalf of the entire opposition by Lily, the Prime Minister, CheckMyBrain11 was forced to inform the leader of the LPUK that he could not be counted on to provide support if the VONC went to division. The result was the withdrawal of the Conservative Party from the coalition and the collapse of the Blurple government.

The next week would be predominantly taken up by negotiations with the Liberal Democrats lead by Randomman44 which culminated in the 'Phoenix Coalition' coming to power in early November with an agreement between the two parties and the independent, former DRF MP imadearedditaccount5. However, early leaks of the agreement would signal times to come as a series of leaks from the cabinet rocked the coalition's internal structure to its core despite positive early signs, including another defection from the LPUK, the former Justice Secretary Elleeit.

Despite the expulsion of the Secretary of State for the Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs (SoSEFRA) 3xecute0rder66 under the accusation of having leaked government details [4], the leaks in cabinet would continue only the next day as press interest continued to circulate. Nonetheless, the first polls since assuming leadership were positive for both parties in power, especially Labour who jumped to the position they had been in following the General Election the previous term.

Later in November, Labour would undergo a second leadership change with the departure of BoredNerdyGamer from Deputy Leader and his succession by liesocia_ on 24 November 2020. Labour then would see a relatively stable time in government until the end of the year and the beginning of the next when Lily announced her resignation as leader of Labour, replaced by the recently returning Youmaton.

Youmaton Leadership (January 2021-March 2021)

Youmaton assumed leadership after an election on the 3rd of January 2021 with NGSpy taking over Party-Deputy Leader after the leaving of liesocia_, taking up the Prime ministership alongside. Her early days in charge so the agreement of a national budget with the LPUK by then Chancellor NGSpy and though the budget negotiations would be considered a success, the situation rapidly devolved as the coalition with the Liberal Democrats ran into issues including their claims to have not read it.

Though the matter was cleared with a statement from the Liberal Democrats, it ultimately was a serious issue in the coalition and potentially would have been an ignominious finish at the end of the term if it was not for, a week or so later, the release of diplomatic transcripts with the ROK leading to, first revelations of the government's inability to keep them inside the D12 Alliance and second, a serious scandal as the documents were released without the ROK's consent and (arguably) with Youmaton's. The crisis spiralled at the end of the term and ultimately, when combined with the further withdrawal of Britain from the Brexit transition period, collapsing the Northern Ireland executive, scandals would continue to dog the Labour polling figures and popularity until the dissolution of parliament and calling of elections with Labour having slid into 4th place.

The February 2021 United Kingdom general election was disastrous for the Labour party as they lost 4 seats and around 5% of the vote, sitting in 4th place behind the Libertarian Party UK, Solidarity and the Conservative Party though Youmaton was able to negotiations the parties re-entering back into government, this time as the junior partners with Solidarity leading the Rose Coalition into government with the failings of the LPUK to secure a coalition of their own.

The new government encountered major problems from the onset as a series of leaks and scandals afflicted the governing parties for the early days and though reasons were not known exactly, Youmaton decided to leave their role as Labour leader, stepping aside and triggering a Labour Leadership Election.

Leadership Turmoil (March 2021-January 2022)

Former Party Chair Ohprkl was elected the parties leader after a long-running leadership contest concluded in late March. Their tenure as leader would be marked by a slow decline of the party, overtaken in polls by Coalition! before they would resign in early July to be replaced by yet again, the former Party Chair, this time in Inadorable, a relatively new member who had ascended to senior position through a reputation as a hard-working and committed campaigner, who was themselves replaced as chair by Haroldinite in a successor vote, a similarly new member who had become known as a hard-working candidate and Labour member. Inadorable led the party for several months and brought Labour through the July 2021 general election with 18 MPs. She eventually resigned in the aftermath of a failed merger between Labour and the Progressive Workers Party. Succeeding Inadorable was model-kyosanto, who promised to fight against any further mergers with the Progressive Workers Party and sought to revive the party. Under model-kyosanto, Labour was able to stabilize and even gained some polling. The leadership under model-kyosanto lasted for several months before he resigned over a row in government concerning the Pub Nationalization Act. After the resignation of model-kyosanto, former Democratic Reformist Front leader Gregor_The_Beggar succeeded as leader on a manifesto of seeking to stabilize Labour. Shortly after he became Leader, Gregor_The_Beggar successfully sought a merger deal with the Progressive Workers Party, which passed.

Refashioned Labour (January 2022-Present)

Following the merger with the Progressive Workers Party, a new leadership was elected for a combined party. This saw Youmaton return to the position of Labour leader, Muffin5136, a former PWP member, be elected to Deputy Leader and Inadorable be elected to Party Chair. This merger also saw the Social Democratic and Labour Party merge with the Ulster Workers' Party to form the Irish Labour Party. This leadership brought Labour through the February 2022 United Kingdom general election, gaining 6 seats and the 2nd largest party in Parliament. Following the election, Labour attempted to negotiate but eventually failed to form a government with any coalition, entering Unofficial Opposition. A few weeks into the term, Labour Chair Inadorable defected to Solidarity, vacating the Chair position. In her place, ohprkl was reelected to Labour Chair

Election Results

United Kingdom

Election year # of
% +/- # of
overall seats won
+/- Position Outcome Additional Information
June 2014 N/D 36.60% New
11 / 30
New 1st Government Formed a majority coalition government with Liberal Democrats
October 2014 N/D 6.72% Decrease 29.88%
5 / 73
Decrease 6 7th Opposition Part of Unofficial Opposition
March 2015 N/D 11.44% Increase 4.72%
11 / 100
Increase 6 5th Government Joined a minority coalition government with Green Party, Communist Party, Socialist Party and one Independant
October 2015 N/D 17.48% Increase 6.04%
22 / 113
Increase 11 1st Government Formed a minority coalition government with Green Party, Liberal Democrats, Pirate Party and one Independant
February 2016 N/D 15.30% Decrease 2.18%
10 / 80
Decrease 12 5th Opposition Part of Unofficial Opposition
August 2016 N/D 10.58% Decrease 4.72%
7 / 80
Decrease 3 5th Government Joined a minority coalition government with Radical Socialist Party and Green Party
March 2017 N/D 11.71% Increase 1.13%
13 / 100
Increase 6 3rd Official Opposition Formed HM Most Loyal Opposition
September 2017 4,957,693 15.66% Increase 3.95%
15 / 108
Increase 2 3rd Opposition Part of Unofficial Opposition
March 2018 5,340,480 19.72% Increase 4.11%
22 / 100
Increase 7 2nd Government Joined a majority coalition government with Conservative Party
August 2018 3,240,305 14.60% Decrease 5.12%
15 / 100
Decrease 7 3rd Opposition Part of Unofficial Opposition
February 2019 4,109,441 15.28% Increase 0.68%
17 / 100
Increase 2 2nd Official Opposition Formed HM Most Loyal Opposition
August 2019 6,263,049 21.45% Increase 6.17%
25 / 100
Increase 8 2nd Government Formed majority coalition government government with Liberal Democrats, Classical Liberals and SDP
Febuary 2020 7,271,060 24.79% Increase 3.34%
24 / 100
Decrease 1 2nd Official Opposition Formed HM Most Loyal Opposition
August 2020 7,425,462 20.70% Decrease 4.09%
21 / 100
Decrease 3 3rd Official Opposition Formed HM Most Loyal Opposition
February 2021 3,375,552 13.61% Decrease 7.09%
19 / 150
Decrease 2 4th Government Formed minority coalition government government with Solidarity, Welsh National Party and TIG with Confidence and Supply from the PWP
July 2021 3,171,089 11.91% Decrease 1.69%
18 / 150
Decrease 1 4th Government Formed majority coalition government government with Solidarity, PWP and TIG
February 2022 6,277,856 22.22% Increase 10.31%
35 / 150
Increase 6 2nd Opposition Part of Unofficial Opposition
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