Labour Party of Northern Ireland

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Labour Party of Northern Ireland

Páirtí an Lucht Oibre i dTuaisceart Éireann
Founded4 June 2019
Dissolved14 October 2021
Preceded bySocial Democratic and Labour Party
Merged intoSocial Democratic and Labour Party
IdeologyDemocratic socialism
Social democracy
Political positionLeft-wing
National affiliationLabour Party
Seats in the Northern Ireland Assembly
0 / 90
Seats in the House of Commons (NI)
1 / 6

The Labour Party of Northern Ireland (LPNI) (Irish: Páirtí an Lucht Oibre i dTuaisceart Éireann), also known as Labour Party NI, Labour NI, LPNI, or simply Labour, was a left-wing political party in Northern Ireland designating as other and operating as the Labour Party Northern Irish branch.


Cenarchos and Lily leadership

Under Cenarchos' leadership, the party won 2 seats in the new 11 seat Assembly in the June 2019 Northern Ireland Assembly election, representing modest success for the recently formed party. Cenarchos was then replaced by lily-irl on 18 July 2019, leading the party into the August 2019 United Kingdom general election, where they failed to win seats in Northern Ireland.

BoredNerdyGamer leadership and Alliance Merger

On 26 October 2019, BoredNerdyGamer was elected as leader. While the vote for Labour declined slightly in the November 2019 Northern Ireland Assembly election, the party held its 2 seats. Labour again failed to gain Westminister representation in the February 2020 general election, but made large gains in the June 2020 Northern Ireland Assembly election, winning 25 seats and first place, with BoredNerdyGamer being elected as First Minister.

The party would then merge into the Alliance Party under the LPNI-Alliance merger.

Ohprkl leadership and Seperation from Alliance

In February 2021, the Alliance Party separated into the LPNI and APNI again with the former taking 27 or the parties 34 seats and assuming the position as the second-largest party in the Northern Ireland Assembly. Ohprkl, the former Alliance leader, became leader of the party immediately upon separation.

realonewithsergio and Lady Aya leadership

On 7 April 2021, Ohprkl stepped down as party leader and realonewithsergio became leader of the party. Very shortly, realonewithsergio resigned on 15 April 2021 and retired from politics. Replacing him, Lady Aya was appointed as LPNI leader on 21 April 2021 leading the party through the remainder of the term.

Lady Aya led the party through the June 2021 Northern Ireland Assembly election, losing 11 seats but beating out predictions for a greater loss. Shortly after the election, Lady Aya resigned from the party and created the Celtic Coalition.

21st Executive and 22nd Executive

Following the resignation of Lady Aya after the election, Ohprkl was again elected the leader of the Labour Party in Northern Ireland, holding tenure for 52 days in the 21st Executive, overseeing its formation and early running alongside KalvinLokan and Motelblinds as deputy First Minister and First Minister respectively, successfully simmering tensions which existed between the two leading figures.

Ohprkl would eventually resign, resulting in the leadership of Model-slater who had defected from Sinn Féin. Model-slater led LPNI from 12 August, overseeing the Half-Day Collapse on 23 September, resigning as LPNI leader after the fact with the Executive thrown into chaos for approximately 14 hours before an agreement was reached. Following the reformation of the Executive, the 22nd, LPNI deputy leader Inadorable lead the LPNI as interim leader, directing the party as it went through a merge agreement with the Social Democratic and Labour Party.