List of MPs elected in the August 2020 United Kingdom general election

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The August 2020 United Kingdom general election elected 100 MPs to the House of Commons, the dominant house of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. 50 MPs were elected from 50 first-past-the-post constituencies, while 50 were elected from 12 regional lists, each electing between 3 and 6 MPs. The Conservative Party won the most seats, as they had at the prior election, though saw a slightly reduced seat tally despite increasing their vote share. The Libertarian Party UK came second in votes and seats, knocking the Labour Party down to third.

First Past the Post seat overview

Constituency Party of incumbent
before election
Elected MP Party of incumbent
after election
Highland and Grampian Liberal Democrats NorthernWomble Liberal Democrats LD Hold
Lothian and Fife Liberal Democrats BHjr132 Liberal Democrats LD Hold
Lanarkshire and the Borders Labour Copelonian Labour LAB Hold
Clydeside Labour Tarkin15 Libertarian LPUK Gain from LAB
Cumbria and Lancashire North Conservative InfernoPlato Conservative CON Hold
Lancashire South Conservative DF44 People's Movement TPM Gain from CON
Merseyside Labour ARichTeaBiscut Labour LAB Hold
Manchester North Libertarian ThreeCommasClub Libertarian LPUK Hold
Manchester City and South Conservative CDocwra Labour LAB Gain from CON
Cheshire Conservative Tommy2Boys Conservative CON Hold
Northumbria Conservative Superpacman04 Libertarian LPUK Hold
Tyne and Wear Conservative zhuk236 Libertarian LPUK Gain from CON
North Yorkshire Conservative LastBlueHero Conservative CON Hold
South Yorkshire Libertarian ohdearstudying Libertarian LPUK Hold
Leeds and Wakefield Labour Greejatus Libertarian LPUK Gain from LAB
West Yorkshire Libertarian Dominion_of_Canada Libertarian LPUK Hold
Humberside Libertarian nstano Libertarian LPUK Hold
Shropshire and Staffordshire Conservative Sir_Myself Conservative CON Hold
Black Country Libertarian markthemonkey888 Libertarian LPUK Hold
Birmingham, Solihull, and Coventry Liberal Democrats TheNoHeart Liberal Democrats LD Hold
Upper Severn Conservative MerrilyPutrid Conservative CON Hold
Leicestershire Conservative JDeany02 Conservative CON Hold
Derbyshire Conservative confidentit Conservative CON Hold
Lincolnshire Libertarian Kalla-mig-Grodan Conservative CON Gain from LPUK
Northamptonshire and Rutland Conservative The_Nunnster Conservative CON Hold
Nottinghamshire Labour ctrlaltlama Conservative CON Gain from LAB
Norfolk and Suffolk Conservative 6sunny6 Conservative CON Hold
Cambridgeshire Conservative model-david Conservative CON Hold
Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Liberal Democrats Randomman44 Liberal Democrats LD Hold
Essex Conservative BrexitGlory Conservative CON Hold
North London Labour GhandiWoreCrocs Labour LAB Hold
West London Democratic Reformist Brookheimer Conservative CON Hold
Central London Labour NGSpy Labour LAB Hold
Southwest London Conservative MatthewHinton12345 Conservative CON Hold
Southeast London Labour realchaw Liberal Democrats LD Hold
East London Labour vincendt Labour LAB Hold
Oxfordshire and Berkshire Conservative Checkmybrain11 Conservative CON Hold
Buckinghamshire Libertarian seimer1234 Libertarian LPUK Hold
Surrey Libertarian cthuluiscool2 Libertarian LPUK Hold
Sussex Libertarian captainrabbit2041 Libertarian LPUK Hold
Hampshire North Conservative model-mili Conservative CON Hold
Hampshire South Labour soccerfun101 Conservative CON Gain from LAB
Kent Conservative model-conf Conservative CON Hold
Dorset Labour Yukub Conservative CON Gain from LAB
Somerset and Bristol Libertarian Friedmanite19 Libertarian LPUK Hold
Gloucestershire and Wiltshire Liberal Democrats unitedlover14 Libertarian LPUK Hold
Cornwall and Devon Liberal Democrats thechattyshow Liberal Democrats LD Hold
Glamorgan and Gwent Labour model-cock Liberal Democrats LD Hold
North and Mid Wales Conservative samgibs23 Conservative CON Hold
Northern Ireland UUP Skullduggery12 UUP UUP Hold