May 2022 Northern Ireland Assembly election

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May 2022 Northern Ireland Assembly election
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All 90 seats in the Northern Ireland Assembly
46 seats needed for a majority
Opinion polls
Turnout66.66% (Increase 9.04 pp)
  First party Second party Third party
  ARTBMHOC.png Official portrait of Christian Matheson MP crop 2.jpg Metesbilge.jpg
Leader ARichTeaBiscuit Model-Eddy Metesbilge
Party Sinn Féin Irish Labour Party APNI
Leader's seat County Antrim Belfast Down Coastal
Last election 22 seats, 26.31% 48 seats, 44.36% 4 seats, 3.69%
Seats before 22 48 [a] 4
Seats won 39 31 10
Seat change Increase 17 Decrease 17 Increase 6
Popular vote 569,346 445,775 131,345
Percentage 45.10% 35.31% 10.41%
Swing Increase 18.79 Decrease 9.05 Increase 6.72

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
  ModelAvery.jpg HJT.jpg Phyrik2222.png
Leader model-avery model-hjt Phyrik2222
Leader's seat Armagh, Fermanagh and Omagh County Antrim County Antrim
Last election Did not stand [b] Did not stand 12 seats, 11.45%
Seats before 0 0 12
Seats won 6 4 0
Seat change Increase 6 Increase 4 Decrease 12
Popular vote 89,605 70,160 532
Percentage 7.10% 5.56% 0.04%
Swing Increase 7.10 Increase 5.56 Decrease 11.41

First Minister and deputy First Minister before election

Model-Eddy, (ILP)
ARichTeaBiscuit, (Sinn Féin)
Phyrik2222, (UUP)

First Minister and
deputy First Minister

ARichTeaBiscuit, (Sinn Féin)
ohprkl, (ILP)
model-avery, (NIIP)

The May 2022 Northern Ireland Assembly election was held on Friday, 27 May 2022 to elect 90 members to the Northern Ireland Assembly. The incumbent government was a power-sharing Executive under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement, with Irish Labour Party as the largest party from the largest community, hence holding the position of First Minister; and Sinn Féin and the Ulster Unionist Party holding the positions of deputy First Ministers within the Executive.

The election was contested by the Sinn Féin, Irish Labour Party, Ulster Unionist Party, Alliance Party of Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland Independence Party, and Traditional Unionist Voice, of which the Northern Ireland Independence Party and Traditional Unionist Voice did not hold seats the previous term. The election saw multiple changes over the previous one with a merger of the Ulster Workers' Party with the Social Democratic and Labour Party to create the Irish Labour Party, and the re-creation of Traditional Unionist Voice as well as the Northern Ireland Independence Party.

Electoral system

90 members of the Legislative Assembly are elected from 6 different electoral regions, each electing 15 MLAs using a proportional regional list, where seats are allocated proportionally to the number of votes each party receives in an individual electoral region.


A total of 27 candidates from seven different political parties were nominated. All parties fielded candidates in all regions, with the exception of UUP only fielding one candidate in County Antrim and Irish Labour Party not standing any candidates in Armagh, Fermanagh and Omagh and endorsing Northern Ireland Independence Party in the region in exchange for Northern Ireland Independence Party doing likewise for Irish Labour Party in Belfast, Lagan Valley and Mournes, and Derry/Londonderry and Tyrone North.

The result was a victory for the Sinn Féin, who succeeded in gaining more seats than ILP, displacing them as First Minister and regaining the position from Other and previously Unionist parties. While losing seats, the ILP suceeded in holding onto enough seats for the position of deputy First Minister. The Ulster Unionist Party and their winning 0 seats represented a substantial change for Northern Ireland. With the exception of the period where the Ulster Workers' Party supplanted the UUP for a time, the UUP has never failed to enter the Assembly and be part of the Executive. Their exclusion from the Assembly came with the NIIP and TUV making major gains in their first election, with 6 and 4 seats respectively. With the collapse of the UUP, the NIIP managed to secure a position as deputy First Minister.

Overall, the election was considered a victory for the Nationalist community, as they regained the position of First Minister and an upheaval for the Unionist community with the utter collapse of the Ulster Unionist Party and the emergence of the NIIP and TUV. For the Other community, it represented some gains, with Alliance Party of Northern Ireland securing 6 seats and the Irish Labour Party, while losing seats, defending themselves as the largest Other party in their first election as a party

Northern Ireland

Northern Irish General Election May2022.png
Party Votes Vote % Seats Seats %
Sinn Féin 569,346 45.10 39 43.33
Irish Labour Party 445,775 35.31 31 34.44
APNI 131,345 10.41 10 11.11
NIIP 89,605 7.1 6 6.66
TUV 70,160 5.56 4 4.44
UUP 532 0.04 0 0
Total 126,230,700 100 90 100
39 31 10 6 4

By constituency


May 2022 Northern Ireland Assembly election: Belfast
Party Candidate Seats Votes %
Irish Labour Party Model-Eddy 7 103,884 51.03%
Sinn Féin HumanoidTyphoon22 6 80,635 39.61%
TUV Tarkin15 1 12,058 5.92%
APNI Scribba25 1 6,995 3.44%

County Antrim

May 2022 Northern Ireland Assembly election: County Antrim
Party Candidate Seats Votes %
Irish Labour Party model-finn 6 86,884 41.19%
Sinn Féin ARichTeaBiscuit 5 69,778 33.08%
APNI _Humphrey 2 23,302 11.05%
TUV model-hjt 1 18,128 8.59%
NIIP Gamingdiamond982 1 12,359 5.86%
UUP Phyrik2222 0 475 0.23%

Down Coastal

May 2022 Northern Ireland Assembly election: Down Coastal
Party Candidate Seats Votes %
Irish Labour Party Muffin5136 6 96,127 39.94%
Sinn Féin realbassist 4 68,547 28.48%
APNI Metesbilge 3 40,661 16.89%
TUV LeChevalierMal-Fait 1 19,973 8.30%
NIIP SpectacularSalad 1 15,366 6.38%

Lagan Valley and Mournes

May 2022 Northern Ireland Assembly election: Lagan Valley and Mournes
Party Candidate Seats Votes %
Irish Labour Party PoliticoBailey 8 91,263 52.60%
Sinn Féin Faelif 7 77,485 44.66%
APNI 12MaxWild 0 2,899 1.67%
TUV Gunnz011 0 1,869 1.08%

Armagh, Fermanagh and Omagh

May 2022 Northern Ireland Assembly election: Armagh, Fermanagh and Omagh
Party Candidate Seats Votes %
Sinn Féin Zakian3000 8 125,182 55.07%
NIIP model-avery 4 59,267 26.07%
APNI Lady_Aya 3 39,688 17.46%
TUV DDYT 0 3,195 1.41%

Derry/Londonderry and Tyrone North

May 2022 Northern Ireland Assembly election: Derry/Londonderry and Tyrone North
Party Candidate Seats Votes %
Sinn Féin Inadorable 9 140,836 56.17%
Irish Labour Party model-raymondo 4 74,431 29.68%
APNI scubaguy194 1 19,911 7.94%
TUV Cody5200 1 15,567 6.21%


  1. ^ Includes seats won by the SDLP and UWP, who merged to form ILP
  2. ^ Party existed as part of the Alliance