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House of Commons
of the United Kingdom
of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
15th Parliament
Coat of arms or logo
since 18 August 2021
since 24 February 2021
KarlYonedaStan, Solidarity
since 15 March 2021
Inadorable, Labour
since 7 July 2021
Muffin5136, Progressive Workers Party
since 18 August 2021
Chi0121, Conservative Party
since 22 June 2021
DriftersBuddy, Conservative Party
since 18 August 2021
16th Parliament GovLeft(16-11-21)fixed.png
Political groups
HM Government (78)
     Solidarity (46)
     Labour Party (18)
     Progressive Workers Party (11)
     The Independent Group (3)
HM Most Loyal Opposition (36)
     Conservative Party (36)
Other opposition (36)
     Coalition! (21)
     Liberal Democrats (13)
     Social Democratic and Labour Party (2)
Commons Speaker
     Speaker (1)
Length of term
Up to 6 months
Mixed-member proportional representation
Last election
31 July 2021
Next election
On or before 31 January 2022
RedistrictingRecommendations by the boundary comissions; confirmation by Parliament.
Meeting place
House of Commons Chamber 1.png
House of Commons chamber
Palace of Westminster
City of Westminster
London, England
United Kingdom
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The House of Commons is the lower house of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. It sits in the Palace of Westminster, also known as Parliament House.

The House of Commons is an body consisting of 150 Members of Parliament elected by the Mixed Member Proportional system to sit in the chamber until dissolved. Usually, the largest party or coalition in the House of Commons (in terms of membership) gets to form the government. More often than not, coalitions are formed to enter into government, to make sure that the government has the confidence of the majority of the House.