New Britain

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New Britain
Liberal Conservativism
British Unionism
Political positionCentre to centre-right
National affiliationCoalition!
Colours     Salmon
Scottish Parliament
18 / 129

New Britain was originally formed as an anti-devolution, Blairite, internationalist political party based in the West Midlands which advocated for social justice, social cohesion, equal worth of each citizen and equal opportunity. Mixed with a modern a global foreign policy to maintain and grow Britain's influence across the world. Its leader was akc8, and it could have been described as a third-way political party, until it merged into the Coalition! Party in December 2020. After the merge, it became the Scottish branch of C! under the leadership of former Scottish Conservative First Minister Tommy2Boys who made it a more mainstream centre-right unionist party and won 18 seats in the June 2021 Scottish Parliament election