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In the Northern Ireland Assembly parties who take party in it's politics will designate themselves as a part of one of three distinct communities which often lines with a position regarding Northern Ireland's status as a part of the United Kingdom.

The three options are:
- Unionist: In favour of the continuation of the Union with the United Kingdom.
- Other: Holds views either neutral on the Union, or in favour of Northern Irish Independence from both the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.
- Nationalist: In favour of seeking independence and reunification with the Republic of Ireland.


Unionism is a political ideology that supports and advocates for the retention of a United British state between Great Britain and Northern Ireland, arguing against Northern Irish Unification with the Republic of Ireland. Party positions on devolution can vary, with some pushing for the continuation of the status quo whilst others argue for more devolution of matters whilst remaining a constituent country inside of the United Kingdom.

Unionist Parties in Northern Ireland

- Ulster Unionist Party
- Ulster Workers' Party


Irish Nationalism is a political ideology that supports and advocates for the unification of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, ending the separation of the two states, arguing that the separation between Northern Ireland is a colonialist holdover and that the United Kingdom should return the counties of Northern Ireland to the Republic.

Nationalist Parties in Northern Ireland

- Sinn Féin
- Social Democratic and Labour Party


Other parties in Northern Ireland often do not argue for either the continuation of, or the end of the Union, but instead, push for cross-community solutions to Northern Ireland's socio-economic issues more often along other political ideological lines. Some other parties may be "Third Way" or Ulster nationalist, advocating for an independent Ulster outside of both Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Other Parties in Northern Ireland

- Alliance Party of Northern Ireland
- People Before Profit