November 2020 Liberal Democrats Leadership Election

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November 2020 Liberal Democrats leadership election
21st November - 24th November
Turnout15 (100%)
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Candidate a1fie335 scubaguy194 rickcall123
Popular vote 10 3 2
Percentage 66.6% 20.0% 13.3%

Leader before election


Elected Leader


The November 2020 Liberal Democrats Leadership election was held to vote on a new leader of the Liberal Democrats following the departure of incumbent leader Randomman44 from the role.


On 14 November, outgoing leader Randomman44 opened nominations.


The following were nominated and proceeded to go to the leadership ballot.

  • a1fie335, Liberal Democrats Deputy Leader, Deputy Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, Secretary of State for Culture, Communities, Media, and Sport and MP for the West Midlands
  • scubaguy194, Secretary of State for Defence and Member of Parliament for Yorkshire and the Humber
  • Rickcall123, former Liberal Democrats Leader and Member of Parliament for South West England


No candidate withdrew during the process.


Full result
Candidate Party members
Votes % Votes % Votes % Votes %
a1fie335 10 66.7%
scubaguy194 3 20.0%
rickcall123 2 13.3%

There were 15 returned ballots, from a total of 15 eligible voters.


A Deputy Leadership Election has happened for the used to be vacant position which CiarĂ¡n ascended from, rickcall123 has now filled that position and is a Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats.