Progressive Workers Party

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Progressive Workers Party
Deputy LeaderVacant
General SecretarySomeBritishDude26
Lords LeaderPlebit2020
Founded30 January 2021; 17 months ago (2021-01-30)
Merger ofPPUK
Headquarters6 Fusion Court
Aberford Road
LS25 2GH
Social Democracy
Democratic Socialism
British Unionism
Trade Unionism
Agrarian socialism
Christian Left
Social Conservatism
Political positionCentre-left
European affiliationParty of European Socialists
International affiliationProgressive Alliance
Anthem"There is Power in a Union"
House of Commons
11 / 150
House of Lords
0 / 43
Scottish Parliament
19 / 129
Senedd Cymru
6 / 60
Northern Ireland Assembly
29 / 90

The Progressive Workers Party, commonly known as the Progressives, was a broad left-wing and centre-left party aimed at "delivering progressive and radical change to the United Kingdom" which was formed on 30 January 2021 with the merger of the Progressive Party UK (formed 28th April 2020) and SATUP (formed 6th December 2020) as the direct successor to both parties. The party currently holds representation in both Houses of Parliament as well as the Scottish and Welsh Parliaments.


People's Unity Party/Progressive Party UK and SATUP

On 28th April 2020, Shadow Cabinet Ministers TheOWOTrongle, SomeBritishDude26, and Gren Gnat announced their departure from the Labour Party, and their intention to form a new party known as the People's Unity Party, later to be known as the Progressive Party UK. The next day, Labour Shadow Cabinet member Model-Eddy also joined them.

On July 8th the Scottish branches of the PUP and Democratic Reformist Front merged to form the Scottish Progressives. Later in the month, Labour Party Peer Plebit2020 as well as the former Welsh Conservatives Deputy Leader Ohdearstudying defected to the party (the latter has since moved on to the Libertarian Party).

In the 14th General election held in August, the party fielded 7 candidates. They failed to win any constituencies, however came 2nd in the East of England list and won 2 list seats.

In the December devolved elections, the Progressives rose to 13 MSPs and 3 MSs, and managed to enter government in both Scotland and Wales. In Northern Ireland, their sole MLA Sten De Geer was defeated in South Belfast and the party failed to make any gains, leaving PPNI with no representation in the Northern Ireland Assembly.

SATUP was founded on 6th December 2020 by two Labour Cabinet Ministers and an LPUK MP. Both KalvinLokan and ThomasT143 were MPs for their respective parties in London (List) and Black Country respectively with KalvinLokan serving as the Secretary of State for Business and Economic Development in the Phoenix Cabinet led by lily-irl.

SATUP saw minor early success, slowly ascending in the polls from its founding and seeing the beginning of it's Welsh Branch, Plaid Syndicalydd Cymru (PSC) in late December under the leadership of Deputy Leader JJRoamer. The party also achieved some legislative success, managing to pass The Northern England Mass Transit Motion that called for government action to rectify the lack of a mass transit system in the city of Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Formation of the Progressive Workers Party (January 2021 - July 2021)

After close co-operation between both the predecessor parties, the leadership of both entered negotiations about a merger that would be undergone throughout the month of January, culminating on the 25 January with a merger vote. This vote was passed by SATUP by not by the PPUK. A revote was held a day later with the vote concluding on the 30th of January. The vote was finalised and the Progressive Workers Party was announced as having formed, combining the assets of both parties and with immediate leadership elections being held, returning Model-Eddy and KalvinLokan as the parties Co-Leaders, JJRoamer as Deputy Leader and SomeBritishDude as the General Secretary.

The party adopted the devolved parties of the PPUK in Scotland, and created the new Welsh Workers Party and Ulster Workers Party in Wales and Northern Ireland, retaining Plebit2020 in Wales alongside the addition of a Co-leader in JJRoamer, and Sten De Geer in Northern Ireland, as the leading devolved party figures initially.

Prior to the merge, the PPUK had been a party in faltering fortunes, and with the party having only been formed almost immediately before the February 2021 United Kingdom general election and entering it polling at around 3.5%, there was an expectation of a quiet result. On election day however, the new Progressive Workers Party was able to deliver a strong campaign performance that culminated on polling day with the party gaining 5 seats (up to 7) and gaining around 5.8% of the popular vote alongside major progress made in regions where both original parties had been strong in with both Yorkshire and the South East seeing surprisingly strong outcomes.

The parliamentary arithmetic in the House of Commons was more favourable towards a left-wing government despite the Libertarian Party UK being the largest and the PWP would then enter negotiations with Solidarity and Labour for an arrangement to form a government anchored on the left-wing which eventually resulted in the formation of the Rose Coaltion, in which the Progressive Workers Party were responsible for providing a Confidence and Supply Agreement in return for policy concessions on behalf of the left-wing alliance.

The confidence and supply agreement was not immediately popular, and the announcement of it meant that the Leader of the Northern Irish Ulster Workers PartySten De Geer announced his intention to leave the party, citing ideological concerns with propping up a "Socialist" Solidarity Government. KalvinLokan took over his role as the leader and appointed ThomasT143 as Deputy Leader of the Ulster Workers Party and as the representative on the Presidium. The split had led to claims in the immediate aftermath of the formation, that the government was splitting apart "at the seams" though this was heavily denied by both the Rose Coalition leadership and that of the Progressive Workers Party and ultimately no further defections occurred from the party or the government as a result of their entering a coalition agreement with Solidarity.

This was not to say that there wouldn't be further departures from the party as JJRoamer departed as Deputy Leader on 12 April 2021 to form the Social Democratic Party, succeeded by TomB 25 though not in his capacity as the Co-Leader of the Welsh Workers Party which was left vacant as Plebit2020 assumed full control of the Welsh Branch of the party until he later chose to leave the role and enter partial retirement as SomeBritishDude26, the long time member of the PPUK and PWP, secceeded him. This change in leadership lasted in place for a period until a brief merger was arranged with the Social Democratic Party to see the merger of the two devolved parties in Scotland and Wales which gave the leadership back to JJRoamer for the June 2021 Senned election where the party was able to increase its seats and vote share despite expectations of poorer performance.

Ultimately, the arrangement did not last long past the election as in late June the party once again became the Welsh Workers Party under SomeBritishDude26, though this time out of government.

Nationally, the party saw increased polling success into the early months of 2021 despite the changes in Leadership with some legislative success from the party as well as close cooperation with Solidarity and the Labour Party in government and on the budget.

Government (August 2021 - present)



Faction Caucus Leader Political Position Ideology Presidium Members
United Left KalvinLokan Left-wing Democratic Socialism, Social Democracy
3 / 7
Blue Socialist Plebit2020 Left-wing to Centre-left Socialism, Social Conservatism
1 / 7
New Progressive Sasja_Friendly Centre-left Blairite, Social Liberalism
1 / 7
Moderate ThomasT143 Centre Economic Liberalism, Social Centrism
0 / 7
Independent Varies Varies N/A
2 / 7


The current make up of the Presidium (30 April, 2021)
Name Position Caucus Joined
Model-Eddy Co-leader Independent 25th August 2020 (PPUK)
30th January 2021 (PWP)
KalvinLokan Co-leader United Left 30th January 2021
TomB_25 Deputy Leader Independent 12th April 2021
SomeBritishDude26 General Secretary United Left 30th January 2021
LightningMinion Scottish Party Spokesperson United Left 30th January 2021
Plebit2020 Welsh Party Spokesperson Blue Socialist 30th January 2021
Sasja_Friendly NI Party Spokesperson New Progressive 30th April 2021


Election results

United Kingdom

Election year # of
% +/- # of
overall seats won
+/- Position Outcome Additional Information
August 2020 936,913 2.61% New
2 / 100
new 6th Opposition First Election to the House of Commons. Part of Unofficial Opposition
February 2021 1,449,257 5.84% Increase3.23%
7 / 150
Increase5 7th Confidence Won first Constituency seat, Cambridgeshire, and 6 list seats. Entered into a Confidence and Supply Agreement with Solidarity, Labour, the Welsh National Party and The Independent Group.
July 2021 2,588,885 9.71% Increase3.93%
11 / 150
Increase4 6th Government Won Leeds and Wakefield, South Yorkshire and Humberside in addition to holding Cambridgeshire.

Scottish Parliament

Year # of
% +/- # of
overall seats won
+/- Position Outcome Additional Information
June 2020 55,938 2.52% new
2 / 129
new 7th Opposition First election to the Scottish Parliament.
December 2020 271,644 10.60% Increase 8.08%
13 / 129
Increase 11 5th Government Formed a majority coalition government with the Scottish Conservatives.
June 2021 177,780 7.53% Decrease 3.07%
10 / 129
Decrease 3 6th Government Formed a majority coalition government with the Scottish National Party, Scottish Labour and Scottish Liberal Democrats .


Year # of
% +/- # of
overall seats won
+/- Position Outcome Additional Information
June 2020 69,316 4.74% new
2 / 60
new 5th Government First election to the Welsh Parliament. Formed a coalition with Labour and Plaid Cymru.
December 2020 60,040 3.90% Decrease 0.84%
3 / 60
Increase 1 6th Government Formed a coalition with Greejatus, the Conservatives, Welsh Libertarians, and Welsh Liberal Democrats, and later half way through switched for a government with Labour and Plaid.
June 2021 83,314 6.22% Increase 2.32%
5 / 60
Increase 2 5th Opposition Unofficial Opposition.

Northern Ireland Assembly

Year # of
% +/- # of
overall seats won
+/- Position Outcome Additional Information
June 2020 12,376 1.54% new
1 / 90
new 9th Opposition First election to the Northern Ireland Assembly.
December 2020 14,958 1.90% Increase 0.36%
0 / 90
Decrease 1 5th Extra-parliamentary Despite increasing vote share, it failed to win any seats.
June 2021 280,455 22.05% Increase 20.15%
20 / 90
Increase 20 2nd Government Became the largest unionist party.