Rose Coalition

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Rose Coalition
28th Cabinet of the United Kingdom
Date formed21st February 2021
People and organisations
MonarchElizabeth II
Prime Ministermotelblinds (February 21st - March 22nd)
KarlYonedaStan (March 22nd - Present)
Deputy Prime MinisterYoumaton (February 21st - March 27th)
ohprkl (July 7th - Present)
Inadorable (July 7th - Present)
First Secretaryohprkl (February 21st - April 12th)
Inadorable (April 12th - Present)
lily-irl (July 7th - Present)
Member parties     Solidarity
Status in legislatureMinority (coalition)
57 / 150 (38%)
Opposition party     Conservative
Opposition leaderFriedmanite19, LPUK (February 21st - April 21st)
Padanub, Conservative (April 24th - June 22nd)
Chi0121, Conservative (June 22nd - Present)
Election(s)February 2021 United Kingdom general election
Legislature term(s)15th
PredecessorPhoenix Coalition
SuccessorRose 2 Coalition