Scottish Labour

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Scottish Labour Party

Pàrtaidh Làbarach na h-Alba
Scots Labour Pairty
IdeologySocial Democracy
Democratic Socialism
British Unionism
Political positionCentre-left to left-wing
National affiliationLabour Party
House of Commons (Scottish seats)
1 / 8
Scottish Parliament
17 / 129

Scottish Labour, officially the Scottish Labour Party and commonly known as SLab, is a centre-left political party in Scotland and the Scottish branch of the Labour Party. It maintains a neutral stance on the union, with a prominent pro-independence wing due to the involvement of former Scottish National Party members in the party, as well as some unionists. In the most recent June 2021 Scottish Parliament election, the party came fifth with 12 seats. It merged into the Scottish National Party on 13 November 2021 but was reformed with the merger of the Progressive Workers Party into Labour

Election results

Year Votes Share of votes Seats won Position Outcome Additional Information
June 2020 763,155 32.9%
42 / 129
2nd Opposition Formed Official Opposition
December 2020 364,382 14.2%
17 / 129
2nd Opposition Formed Official Opposition
June 2021 219,690 9.30%%
12 / 129
5th Government Formed a government with Scottish Liberal Democrats, Scottish National Party and Scottish Progressive Democrats