Scottish Progressives

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Scottish Progressive Party
Deputy LeaderLightningMinion
FoundedJuly 2020
IdeologySocial Democracy
British Unionism
Political positionCentre-left
National affiliationProgressive Party UK
Democratic Reformist Front
Scottish Parliament
5 / 129
House of Lords
1 / 37

The Scottish Progressive Party, commonly known as the Scottish Progressives or Scot Progs, is a centre-left political party operating in Scotland. It is semi-autonomous, formed by a merger of the Scottish branches of the People's Unity Party and Democratic Reformist Front in July 2020.

Election results

Although the most recent Scottish Parliament election was held before the merger between the Scottish PUP and DRF, both had entered a pact and below are the notional results from their combined electoral outcomes.

Year Votes Share of votes Seats won Position Outcome Additional Information
June 2020 119,603 5.2%
5 / 129
5th Opposition Notional result