Sinn Féin

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Sinn Féin

[We] Ourselves
Deputy LeaderInadorable
Founded11 April 2021
Preceded bySocial Democratic and Labour Party
Membership (2021)Decrease 191,000
IdeologyDemocratic Socialism
Left-wing Nationalism
Irish Republicanism
Political positionLeft-wing
National affiliationSolidarity
International affiliationSocialist International
Colours     Green
Seats in the House of Commons (NI)
2 / 6
Seats in the Northern Ireland Assembly
22 / 90

Sinn Féin (SF) (English: [We] Ourselves), is an Irish Republican and Democratic Socialist political party in Northern Ireland operating as the Solidarity Northern Ireland branch.

It is the largest nationalist political party in the Northern Ireland Assembly and holds 22 out of the 90 seats.