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Deputy LeaderARichTeaBiscuit
Founded3 September 2020; 20 months ago (2020-09-03)
Split fromLabour Party
Liberal Democrats
Democratic Reformist Front
Left-wing populism
Civic Nationalism
Political positionLeft-wing to far-left
Colours     Red
House of Commons
38 / 150
House of Lords
21 / 71
Scottish Parliament
22 / 129
Senedd Cymru
12 / 60
Northern Ireland Assembly
22 / 90

The Solidarity Party, also known simply as Solidarity, is a left-wing British political party. It was formed by left wing politicians from a range of parties, calling for "unapologetic socialism" and the separation of the United Kingdom through support for civic nationalism and independence for Wales, Scotland, and reunification of Northern Ireland with the Republic of Ireland.


The party was officially founded 3rd September by a group of frontbenchers from Labour, the Liberal Democrats, and DRF. It released a manifesto and press releases, establishing itself as an alternative to Labour and claiming to want to unite the left.

The Social Democratic and Labour Party agreed to become its Northern Irish branch upon the party's founding. On 8th September the Irish Parliamentary Party, the NI branch of the DRF, voted to also join Solidarity, merging with the SDLP and giving it a total of 24 seats in the Northern Ireland Assembly.

On 16th October 2020, it was confirmed that The People's Movement, a well established far-left party, had voted to merge into Solidarity. This gave Solidarity an extra three MPs, three MSPs in Scotland, and an extra MLA in Northern Ireland and MS in Wales.

In the February 2021 United Kingdom general election, Solidarity made historic gains by winning 20.9% of the vote and taking 34 seats in the House of Commons, being the second-strongest party after the Libertarian Party. Solidarity leads a left-wing government coalition with the Labour Party and the Welsh National Party, with their leader Motelblinds serving as prime minister. Motel's leadership of the party continued until mid March when he chose to step down as Prime Minister and was replaced by KarlYonedaStan who won the ensuing leadership election and took over as the leader of the Rose Coalition and as the Prime Minister.

Election results

House of Commons

Year Leader % MPs Change Position Government
February 2021 motelblinds 20.19%
34 / 150
Increase 14.14% Increase 2nd Rose Coalition
July 2021 KarlYonedaStan 28.73%
45 / 150
Increase 8.54% Increase 1st Rose 2 Coalition
February 2022 KarlYonedaStan 24.38%
38 / 150
Decrease 4.35% Steady 1st N/A