Syndicalist and Allied Trade Unions Party

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Syndicalist and Allied Trade Unions Party
Deputy LeaderJJRoamer
Party-Political OfficerThomasT143
Founded6 December 2020; 10 months ago (2020-12-06)
Dissolved30 January 2021
Split fromLabour Party
Merged intoProgressive Workers Party
Headquarters6 Fusion Court, Aberford Road, Leeds LS25 2GH
* Syndicalism

* Trotskyism
* Anarcho-syndicalism
Political positionLeft-wing to Far-left
Colours     Black
House of Commons
0 / 100
House of Lords
0 / 69
Senedd Cymru
0 / 60

The Syndicalist and Allied Trade Unions Party, also known simply as the Syndicalists, or as SATUP was a big tent left and far-left British political party. It was formed by former politicians from a range of parties and espouses the ideals of a Trade Union-led, Syndicalist economy for Britain.


Lokan Leadership (December 2020-January 2021)

The party was founded on the 6 December 2020 around the time as the results of the December 2020 Devolved Elections. Both KalvinLokan and ThomasT143 were MPs for their respective parties in London (List) and Black Country respectively with KalvinLokan serving as the Secretary of State for Business and Economic Development in the Phoenix Cabinet led by lily-irl.

SATUP saw minor early success, slowly ascending in the polls from it's founding and seeing the beginning of it's Welsh Branch, Plaid Syndicalydd Cymru (PSC) in late December under the leadership of Deputy Leader JJRoamer. The party also achieved some legislative success, managing to pass The Northern England Mass Transit Motion that called for government action to rectify the lack of a mass transit system in the city of Leeds, West Yorkshire.

The party eventually merged with the Progressive Party UK to become the Progressive Workers Party.