Ulster Unionist Party

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Ulster Unionist Party
Founded3 March 1905
British Unionism
Political positionCentre-right
National affiliationConservative Party
House of Commons (NI seats)
1 / 4
House of Lords[1]
3 / 51
Northern Ireland Assembly
22 / 90

The Ulster Unionist Party, more commonly known as the UUP, is the dominant right-wing and unionist party in Northern Ireland. It has either held the First Minister or Deputy First Minister position since September 2016, when UUP First Minister TobySanderson was elected. In the most recent June 2020 Northern Ireland Assembly election, the UUP under leader J_Ceasar came in second place, winning the Deputy First Minister position. The party gained an additional seat in Westminister after the Democratic Unionist Party merged into the Ulster Unionist Party as part of the broader Conservative-NUP merger however lost this seat again in the August 2020 General Election.

  1. The UUP Peers sit in the Conservative Lords grouping