Welsh Workers Party

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Welsh Workers Party

Plaid Gweithwyr Cymru
Founded30 January 2021; 18 months ago (2021-01-30)
Social Democracy
Democratic Socialism
British Unionism
Trade Unionism
Christian Left
Political positionCentre-left
National affiliationProgressive Workers Party
Senedd Cymru
5 / 60

The Welsh Workers Party (WWP) (Welsh: Plaid Gweithwyr Cymru), commonly known as the Welsh Workers, was a centre-left political party operating in Wales. It was semi-autonomous, formed by a merger of the Welsh branches of the Syndicalist and Allied Trade Unions Party and the Progressive Party UK in January 2021 with the Social Democratic Party joining in May 2021. It merged into Welsh Labour following the merger of the Progressive Workers' Party into Labour

Election Results

Year # of
% +/- # of
overall seats won
+/- Position Outcome Additional Information
June 2020 69,316 4.74% new
2 / 60
new 5th Government First election to the Senedd. Formed a coalition with Labour and Plaid Cymru.
December 2020 60,040 3.90% Decrease 0.84%
3 / 60
Increase 1 6th Government Formed a coalition government with Greejatus, the Conservatives, Libertarian Party, and Liberal Democrats.
June 2021 83,314 6.20% Increase 2.30%
5 / 60
Increase 2 5th Opposition Unofficial Opposition.